The apartment ghost is real. It just paused my Avatar DVD when the controller was six feet away.

Not cool, ghost. : /

That ghost better be exorcised when I come over for Fall Break.  >: |


Please check out Lisa’s fundraiser, share if you can’t donate, and if you’ve got any cash to spare, every little bit will be appreciated!!  Lisa’s a wonderful creator with whom I was webcomicking back during days and it was such good times  <3  Here’s Halloween fanart I did for her webcomic back then, “Arcana Jayne”!

Here’s the link again for Lisa’s campaign, please check it ouuuut:


You have to go to the list of episodes, not the front page, but it’s there.  Actually, I apparently got there right as the episode was uploaded.  It’s right there on the front page.

It’s right there.

It’s right there and I’m at school without headphones.  IT’S TAUNTING ME.

New YGOTAS Ep Tomorrow


Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged fans, your patience will soon be rewarded.

Episode 62 of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged will be online tomorrow (Monday the 15th of September)

My sincere apologies for the wait, and my immense gratitude for your support.

Stay glued to for the new episode!






Pages 174 - 175 are now up!

Pages 176 - 177 are now up!

Pages 178 - 179 are now up!

Pages 180 - 181 are now up! Eclipse evolves!

Pages 182 - 183 are now up!
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Scanner help.

Enough is enough— my graphite scans are being sucked away of their lighter marks, and it’s making my nuzlocke pages look terrible.  Any advice on how to fix the settings?  I’m using a cord right now from the scanner to my laptop, so the usual menu isn’t showing up (wireless doesn’t work anymore), but I’ll be damned if this continues.  I have half a mind to rescan all of my pages, if it’ll help the quality …


Preview pictures from this past week (9/8 to 9/13).  I didn’t make much progress for a while due to the pesky p. 5— add a scene? keep a scene? take out the scene?— but finally got the page how I wanted to.  That last picture is from last night; I inked for two hours straight on p. 5 (still not done) and sketched out all of p. 6.  Go, team, go!

You make me want to say some kind of little many-armed mischievous but very friendly and good-natured monster. Like, some kind of octopus monster. Many arms with which to do many drawings, while also very shrewd and clever, but also very lovable~

I love this!  <3 /  XD  As an octopus monster, I would be able to perfectly embody my favorite emoticon: ~o o~  THE TILDA IS STRONG WITHIN ME.  Might draw this later.  Or after the BFCC round I’m supposed to be working on, oops.

In the spirit of Halloween, what type of monster could you see me as?

Writing late into the night (see twitter), so why not!

Can you please explain a little bit more about "Do's and Don't's" when writing about and describing a Native American person? What's acceptable and what isn't. I tried to find it somewhere else but the responses were always vague...


Native American Characters: Dos and Dont’s


  • Familiarize yourself with their culture.
  • Decide how much your character is influenced and involved with their culture in relation to the others that they’re surrounded and engaged (or not) engaged in.
  • Talk to Native American people willing to discuss their portrayals in your writing.
  • Beware the Magical Native American trope.
  • Also be wary of the Braids, Beads and Buckskins trope.
  • Tonto TalkHollywood Natives
  • Harmony w/ NatureNoble Savage
  • Submerge yourself in awareness to common NDN tropes to either subvert, defy or overall handle carefully.
  • Watch movies, documentaries, read fiction and non-fiction books and other media created by Native American people.
  • Write a human and handle accordingly.


  • Get caught up on getting it right. Obviously do your best, but between research, editing and beta-readers, you can correct any slip-ups.
  • Homogenize Native American people. Choose a Nation. Are they Dakota? Ojibwe?
  • Become hyper-focused on their race that you forget to write a person with thoughts and dreams and feelings.

~ Mod Colette



I honestly watched the entire video trying to search for critique, but aside from a few wobbly lines (that were fixed as soon as they were moving again) and a few people stepping out of time (a few, that’s huge in itself), this is nearly perfect.  Solid performance marching-wise.  Those moving shapes?  Horribly hard to pull off.  Everyone has to be in there spot and move with the exact same step size, and even if they’re doing simple 8-to-5, there’s gonna be that one guy— but I didn’t see that one guy.  HOW, Ohio State.  HOW.

I’m trying to watch Baldies Play P.T. as a break, but nope.  Nope, can’t do it.  Going to do more homework now and just let the last third of the video remain unseen.

*… peeks back into P.T. tab*  Damn it, I need to know what happens.

angryskitty, you would like this.

hey becky, what do you do when you're feeling anxious over the future? i don't know what i want to do with the next step in my life after college and i'm about to graduate + i'm worried that i won't succeed regardless of what i pursue


first of all, know that you aren’t alone. if someone between the ages of 18-25 tells you they have their shit together and know exactly what they are doing, they are either a liar or part of an alien race trying to assimilate

secondly, know that you are going to fuck something up and the sooner you accept that, the better off you will be. something is going to go wrong. you’re going to hate your job, or you’re going to love your job but get paid so poorly that you eat cereal every night, or you’re not going to find a job right away and feel like shit because of it. you’re going to lose a friend, you’re going to gain a friend you don’t like, and you’re going to feel like you don’t belong when you’re around people who used to feel like home.

and it’s OKAY.

it’s okay because you have made it this far, and you are going to keep making it until finally one day, something clicks and you get a raise or you get a new job or you visit your friends and it feels just like it used to. it’s okay because you shouldn’t have it all figured out yet, that’s a lie that people have been perpetuating since the dawn of time. it’s okay because everyone around you is terrified too and you’re all part of an awful, beautiful trial by fire and you’re going to come out unscathed because you are a fucking phoenix

the only thing that isn’t okay is to stop trying because you’re afraid of not succeeding. don’t think of your life as successes and failures because you are so much more than that. and even though growing up is terrifying, it’s also a blessing and you are going to make it through

i love you and you can do it <3




1. Go to
2. Click on 14-28
3. Comment “I want internet service providers classified as common carriers.”
4. Done

5. Boost

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